Tower Inspection

Optical inspection of the tower of a wind turbine

Optical inspection of the tower construction by drone use

  • SYSWE offers an optical survey of the tower of a wind turbine with state-of-the-art drone systems
  • Inspections are feasible both indoors and outdoors
  • Thanks to high-resolution camera systems, even the smallest irregularities can be detected quickly and without contact

The tower of a wind energy converter (WEC) usually consists of several cylindrical, tapered steel segments. Due to high steel prices and high hub heights, also concrete towers are being used. The tower absorbs the reaction forces that occur during operation of the wind turbine and forwards them to the foundation. The foundation directs the resulting reaction forces into the ground.
The tower of a wind turbine is normally designed that it withstands the stresses during operation. Nevertheless damage may occur due to operational burdens and environmental influences.
Our SYSWE inspection service offers regular maintenance of the tower construction.

Elios Drone System for indoor use
Elios Drone System for indoor use
Matrice 210 RTK Drone System for outdoor use
Matrice 210 RTK Drone System for outdoor use

Damage Pattern

Due to operational loads and environmental influences often cracks in the protective coating, corrosion damage such as rust, as well as fungal attack on the tower construction of a wind turbine. Further, a tower damaged by oil may indicate damage to the transmission or the hydraulic system. Especially with rust corroded areas between the flange connections can be signs that the tower segments have too much leeway among themselves and the screw connections are dynamically loaded, where they are not designed – the stability and overall operation of the system may be at risk for such damage.


Cracks in the protective coating of the tower cause corrosion to the underlying material.


Corroded areas on the flange connections indicate a no longer flat connection – screw connections are loaded dynamically during operation.

Fungal Attack

Moisture and / or insufficient ventilation of the tower cause or favor fungal attack on the tower construction of a wind turbine indoors and outdoors.

Oil Spill

Oil in the interior and exterior of the tower segments of a wind turbine indicates damage in the gearbox or hydraulic system.

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