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Safety tests on biogas plants with SYSWE

  • We offer different safety inspections for your biogas plant
    • §29a BImSchG-approval (Federal Immssion Control Act)
    • Inspections after AwSV
    • Preparation of necessary explosion protection documents or emergency schemes
    • Formaldehyd measurement at the comined heat and power plant


  • Our experienced inspection engineers are of course accredited as technical experts for the relative inspection

Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

The Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) from 1974 is an instrument for the permission of installations from all sorts. Meanwhile it is the most important permit legislation for commercial and industrial installations. The applying and execution falls to the responsible regulatory authority, like the Environmental Agency, the Labour Inspectorate or the district council.

Purpose of the law is the realization of an integrated protection of the environment. The defence of existing or upcoming risks is in the foreground.

Regulations on Facilities handling Substances Dangerous to Water (AwSV)

The AwSV was passed in 2014. This regulation contains standards for the classification of substances and mixtures after their hazardousness, technical requirements for the plant that interact with these substances and the obligations of the operator of that plant. After the AwSV biogas plants have to be operated in the way, that no  water endangering substances can resign. To ensure the compliance with these requirements, frequently inspections of the plant are ordered by the AwSV.

Measurement of Formaldehyde at your biogas CHP

Normally every three years the polluting emissions in the exhaust gas of your CHP have to be measured. This is regulated by obligations in the notice of approval. Legal foundations are the BImSchG and its general administrative regulation as well as the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control.

Fundamentals for the safety of biogas plants – explosion protection

The danger of explosion in biogas plants is extremely high, because of the high methane amount that is getting flammable with the presence of oxygen. If an explosion occurs, a high destructive power would be released by the methane.

The explosion protection ensures the safety of human and environment for plants in explosive areas. At biogas plants a lot of explosive areas are defined after the state of the art, what results in a lot of obligations for the operator after the BetrSichV (Industrial Safety Regulation).

In advance a risk assesment has to be done. If dangers of explosion get apparent, further activities should be done. This includes for example the preparation of an explosion protection document and the safety-related assessment, from that the maximum inspection periods are determined.

That results in an inspection of the biogas plant prior to the commissioning and in periodically intervals by a qualified person. The operator of a biogas plant unusually has employees that are allowed to conduct these inspections. Therefore as expert of the accredited agencies for explosion protection, we conduct these inspections.

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