Thermography of electrical systems

Neglect the inspection obligations of electrical systems can have serious consequences: a labour- and cost-intensive plant shutdown is only on of the possible consequences. Electricity is the commonly cause of fire! We support you to comply with your annual inspection obligations. SYSWE is certified after DIN VDE 0105 from the VdS to execute this inspection of mobile and stationary equipment.

Overheating of an electrical system
Overheating of an electrical system

With our thermographic camera of the type FLIR P 620 we check all your electrical systems for failures of interconnection, local overheating and age-related abrasion. Low voltage systems as well as medium- and high-voltage systems can be checked.

A thermographic check of your electrical system has many advantages for the plant operator:

  • Increased safety for persons and environment
  • Enhancement of technical reliability of the system

  • Fast and easy inspection of the system while continous operation

  • Verification of the inspection obligation in case of damage for the insurance

Ask for our quotation for the annual periodic inspection!

Thermographic camera

The thermographic camera is able to picture thermal radiation at electrical systems which is invisible for the human eye. It reacts sensitive to the long-wave infrared radiation.

Every object emits thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation taht owns different characteristic spectra. One part of this radiation is infrared radiation, thus wavelenghts from 780nm to 1mm.

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