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Drones Operator

We impart knowledge – The training program of SYSWE

Whether it is an introduction to the handling of the thermographic camera, the training of members of a machine ring or the participation in a panel of experts for the preparation of guidelines in the biogas plant review: SYSWE is competent and experienced in the field of knowledge transfer. Together with the VdS, SYSWE offers the two-day course “Drone Operator”.

Why should you attend the course? You want to…

  • … receive proof of knowledge according to §21a (4) 2 LuftVO


  • … learn how to handle drones


  • … learn the legal basics of handling drones

Main topics

  • Air law, meteorology and navigation
  • General flight operations (sighting of the tower)
  • Practical lessons – flying with the drone
  • Mastering of emergency situations
  • Legal issues
  • Examination to obtain evidence of proof
  • Optical recording of buildings for evaluation and damage assessment
  • Use of thermographic camera systems
  • Autonomous flying of missions
  • Evaluation of image and telemetry data
  • Create reports

Target groups

The course is directed across sectors to those responsible and employees of

  • Occupational and factory fire departments
  • Police and private security services
  • Companies from the industrial, production, service or commercial sectors

as well as interested

  • Insurance, consulting or legal experts
  • experts


The course lasts two days and includes a theoretical and a practical part.

Day 1, theory:

  • Theoretical information on aviation law, navigation and meteorology
  • At the end of the day, an exam will take place

Day 2, practice:

  • Flight training with your own or provided drone
  • Possibilities of optical and thermographic image acquisition


  • Start on the first day at 09:00 a.m.
  • End on the second day around 05:00 p.m.


03/27/2019 – 03/28/2019 (already booked)
09/04/2019 – 09/05/2019

We require the following documents and data from you before the start of the exam

  • Valid identity document
  • Only for minors (minimum age 16 years): consent of the legal representative
  • Certificate of good conduct according to BZRG §30 Abs1 (not older than 3 months)
  • Declaration on ongoing investigations and criminal proceedings

Registration and information

Registration for the course can be made here. If you have questions about the course, do not hesitate to contact us!


FAQ – questions and answers about proof of knowledge / drone driving license

Who needs a certificate of proof / drone driver's license?

Due to the new regulation for drone flights, which was approved by the Federal Ministry, a proof of knowledge for the operation of all drones from 2 kg (including payload) is required, if they are not exclusively for the purpose of sports or leisure activities. Without the »proof of knowledge for the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) according to §21d LuftVO« – or also briefly »drone driver’s license« – drone flights are no longer permitted.

How old do you have to be for the certificate of proof / drone driving license?

The SYSWE drone driver’s license is valid for a minimum age of 16 years. If you are still a minor, a declaration of consent from the legal representative is required at the time of registration.

Can the certificate of proof / drone driving license be completed by private and commercial pilots?

In principle, every pilot, whether private or commercial, can register for the SYSWE Drone Driving License exam. In addition to amateur pilots, drones are also increasingly used in the commercial sector – photographers and filmmakers, the police, fire and mountain rescue, in forestry, in public authorities and communities, but also in the military and the monitoring of industrial plants. Each person can complete the proof of knowledge / drone driving license according to § 21d LuftVO at SYSWE, regardless of their assignment. We recommend our VdS training drone operator for the commercial use of a drone.

How does the exam work?

The exam questions are answered in writing in the multiple-choice procedure. There may be multiple answer options per question. A question is considered answered when all appropriate correct answers have been ticked. Partial points are not awarded. Your examiner will brief you in the course of the exam and answer all questions.

Which topics are queried during the exam?

The following topics are queried in the exam:

  • Air Law (18 points out of a maximum score of 23 points must be achieved in order to pass this topic)
  • Meteorology (5 points from a maximum score of 6 points must be reached to pass this topic)
  • Flight Operations / Navigation (17 points out of a maximum score of 22 points must be attained in order to pass this topic)
How many questions does the exam comprise?

The exam covers a total of 51 questions on the topics listed above.

When does the exam pass?

The exam is passed for the participant if at least 75% of the maximum marks have been achieved in each subject area.

What are the fines for a drone flight without proof of knowledge?

The fine catalog for drone flights without proof of knowledge is not yet mature, therefore, no binding statements can be made. However, fines of between € 500 and € 1,500 have already been imposed for illegal drone flights in the past, so that a drone flight without drone driving license / proof of knowledge from 1 October 2017 can assume a similar price structure.

When will the result be communicated to me?

You will receive your result at the end of the exam. The certificate of proof of knowledge will be handed out to you immediately after the successful examination. If this is not feasible for certain reasons, the certificate of proof of knowledge will be sent by post within a few days. Your examiner will be happy to see you, if you have passed the exam! If it did not work, then it is no shame to compete a second time!

How long is the certificate of proof / drone driving license valid?

The proof of knowledge / drone driving license must be renewed every 5 years.