Biogas Leakage Detection

Inspection of your biogas plant for gas leakages!

Checking your biogas plant for gas-tightness!

  • We check your biogas plant for possible leakages


  • With our high-performance gas camera GF 320 from FLIR


  • After the inspection you will get an inspection report including photographic images, marked leakages and a matrix for leakage evaluation

Optimum efficiency for your biogas plant

  • The gas camera enables a considerably faster inspection of the plant than for example gas detectors, without interruption of the operation.

  • Leakages at biogas plants can be detected safe and efficient at gas-bearing equipment, pipe systems or leaky reservoirs.
  • Leakages at biogas plants mean an increased substrate consumption, that involves higher costs and a reduction of the profitability. Additionally, leakages result in an increased risk for human and environment.

The gas camera

FLIR GF 320 gas camera
FLIR GF 320 gas camera

With our gas camera FLIR GF 320 from military engineering, gases are made visible. Biogas contains in the best case mainly methane (normally about 50%), that is used for energy generation in the combined heat and power plant.

The following VOCs (=volatile organic compounds) can be detected with the gas camera:








MEK (methyl ethyl ketone)

MIBK (methylisobutylketone)













Leakages of which gases can be visualized and detected with the gas camera?

We are able to visualize 20 laboratory-tested volatile organic compounds, e.g. methane, with the gas camera. You can find a list with all gases above. Furthermore we own a CO2-camera.

What limitations has the gas camera at leakage detection?

If the gas has the same temperature like the background temperature, gas leakages could be detected pretty difficult.

Is it possible to determine the amount of leaking gas?

The quantification of the gas leakage volume with the gas camera is very difficult, as it is at all gas detection systems.

How accurate the gas camera can detect gas leakages?

The FLIR GF 320 has a High Sensitivity Mode (HSM). With this function also small leakages with a low concentration can be detected safe and efficient.

Which influences has the weather on the gas detection with the gas camera?

Heavy wind and rain can qualify the visualisation of a gas leak significant.

Besides biogas plants, what else can be inspected with the gas camera?

Pipelines, storage tanks, industrial facilities, gas tank ships, gas supply grids, compressor stations and natural gas fueling stations can be inspected with the gas camera.

How is the inspection with the gas camera documented?

We offer our costumers different ways of documentation. The usual form are video clips. In a  moving image gases can be illustrated better than on static images. For a fast elimination of the leakage, the emersion point is marked by us.

What are the advantages of gas detection with infrared technics?

As service provider, we adjust to the needs of our customers. The customer doesn’t have to train his employees for new systems or to make a high investment.  What matters is the four-eyes principle, we are neutrally to employee and technique. You don’t have high investment costs.

FLIR Gas Cam on a biogas plant to prevent gas leakage

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