Indoor inspection by drone

Flying easily through the inspection!

Indoor inspection with the ELIOS cage drone

  • We support you with the inspection inside of buildings or at technical systems with the drone


  • The ELIOS from Fliability is a collision tolerant indoor drone with a high-resolution camera system and thermographic camera


  • Flights inside confined spaces are no problem, e.g. inside tanks or chimneys

The advantages of an indoor inspection by drone

There are many advantages of an inspection by drone in comparison with common methods:

  • Preparation of plant maintenance planning with the results of drone-inspection, unnecessary plant shutdowns can be avoided
  • Low lead time (e.g. no staging necessary)
  • Overall images/ records are possible, not only selective inspections
  • Also inaccessible locations (like great heights) can be inspected easily
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to conventional methods
  • Increased safety, because no persons are endangered

Possible applications

Tanks and Silos

We inspect your tank or silo from inside. You get an overview about the condition and no persons have to get into the tank.

Pipe systems

Find out more about the condition of your pipe systems. We can inspect for example welding seams, also in great heights or at inaccessible locations.

Steel beams

Inspect your steel beams at close range but still from the ground. This is possible with inspection by drone. Potential defects of the material can be discovered.


Also chimneys can be inspected from inside with the Elios. Complex inspections by crane are no longer necessary.

Our indoor drone – ELIOS by Fliability

The Elios by Flyability is the first collision-tolerant drone that enables flights in inaccessible locations. The drone is protected by a protective frame that allows the Elios to remain stable in the event of a collision. With the Elios we get the possibility to fly indoors, also in complex and confined spaces.

Another advantage is the integrated lighting with high performance LEDs, for flights in a dark environment.

The drone contains an integrated camera system with the possibility of simultaneously full HD and thermal image recording.

Indoor missions are no longer a problem, but also outdoor missions are possible with the Elios under certain conditions, e.g. it has to be absolutely calm.


Which lead time is needed for a drone operation?

For a drone operation rarely no lead time is necessary. We check for outdoor missions if permission for the flight is required. At indoor missions this is not necessary.

When are the results of the inspection available?

You can get the raw material directly after the flight.

Are the drones qualified for a flight in ATEX environment?

No, till now there are no drones available for ATEX environment.

Which tanks can be inspected with the drone?

All tanks which have an aperture of minimum 400 mm can be inspected by drone.

Which environmental conditions are necessary for a drone flight indoors?

The Elios for indoor operations is splash water protected and dustproof. It flies at temperatures between 0° and 50°C. Darkness is no problem, because of the powerful LEDs.

Indoor inspection with ELIOS cage drone at steel beam constructions

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