Flat Roof Leakage

We check your flat roof with innovative leakage detection technology!

Flat roofs are in demand for industrial and commercial constructions, but also for constructions of single or multi-family houses – flat roofs are celebrating a renaissance in architecture in terms of the ever increasing challenges for energy efficiency. Under the collective term “flat roof” all roof are summarized, which have no or only a very low roof pitch.

Flat roof
Flat roof

Procedures for flat roof leakage detection

To locate leakages on a flat roof is usually more difficult than on conventional roofs. SYSWE focuses on different leakage detection technologies, to adapt to the correspondent circumstances. The following technologies are applied:

  • Electromagnetic pulse method
  • Tracer gas method (test gas method)
  • Flue gas method
  • Thermography

Roof leakage location | Flat roof leaking? | Qualified, flexible & recognized

Flat roof leakage detection by CO2 camera with active admission and test gas

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