Flat Roof Leakage

We check your flat roof with innovative leakage detection technology!

Flat roof leakage detection with SYSWE

  • We locate your leakage on your flat roof


  • SYSWE relies on a variety of leak detection techniques to adapt to the circumstances


  • Fast location of the leakage with the electric impulse method


  • Optical leak detection by active loading with test gas – tracer gas method


  • Detecting leaks using thermography

Locating leaks on a flat roof is more difficult in most cases than with a conventional roof. Already at the handover, more than 50 percent of all flat roofs show defects in the form of leaks. Leave the leak detection to your SYSWE specialists – your reliable and competent partner for flat roof safety. Are you looking for a leak detection expert for a flat roof? Contact us!

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Flat roof leakage detection by CO2 camera with active admission and test gas

Procedures for flat roof leakage detection

Even a tiny damage to the seal can lead to massive water damage to flat roofs, terraces and balconies. If one does not find the leaks, often only the complete renovation remains; with enormous costs. But a pinpoint leak detection is possible!

The electro-pulse method detects the leak precisely with the help of a current flow measurement. On the flat roof surface, a loop is laid in advance and coupled to a pulse generator. A wafer-thin film of water is then applied to the roof surface and applied a low voltage. About the ring line is brought to the so-called “transmitter” a regular pulse of electricity on the damp roof surface, which derives its potential in particular on the defects in the roof down to the house mass. By means of “receiver”, the current direction is determined, which then leads to the individual defects.

The basic principle of the tracer gas process is an overpressure generated under the sealing level from an air-smoke mixture that emerges from the leakage as visible mist. Connection points, edge areas and processes can be checked very well and quickly.

Infrared thermography is one of the non-destructive methods of detecting moisture. Furthermore, it is suitable for the detection and analysis of thermal bridges on facades and flat roofs as well as for the control of heat losses and preventive maintenance in the industrial sector.

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