Building Thermography

Heat losses on the track

Building Thermography with SYSWE

  • We test your residential house or building for energetic weak spots


  • With our high-performance thermographic camera P620 from FLIR we can generate high-resolution thermograms


  • After the measurement we provide a report with all detected irregularities

The thermogram uncovers energetic weak points

SYSWE supports you with the building thermography. With it we can…

detect construction defects and evaluate the quality of building measures. Thermal bridges can be detected, that arise e.g. by an incorrect insulation. Recommended before planning of reorganization measures.

… locate leakages or water damages. Possible leakages or water damages can be illustrated, without opening the concerned area in the wall or on the floor. Also intact heating lines can be located in front of building measures.

… check the airtightness of buildings. Additional to the blower door test, the thermographie can be used to visualize the colder outside air, that is getting inside the building.


The thermal image helps to identify thermal losses at your building. The reasons can be manifold:

  • moisture ingress
  • poor workmanship in the building structure
  • insufficient or incorrect handled insulation
  • thermal bridges in the building structure
  • leakages at windows or doors

The thermographic camera reflects the image in real time and high pixel resolution, what allows reliable statements on site about the energy losses at your building.


How does building thermography work?

With the help of an infrared camera it is possible to visualize the radiated heat. From that reason the building should be heated and the outdoor temperature has to be relatively low. Ideal are temperatures around 5°C. Our thermograph generates a lot of different images with the infrared camera and evaluates them afterwards with the computer. The heat is illustrated in different colours, so it is possible to identify the spots with the highest heat losses.

What preparations have to be done for thermography?

For significant thermographic images ther must be a temperature difference of minimum 10°-15°C between inside and outside of the building. The rooms should be heated therefore for 12 to 24 hours before the appointment.

Are there certain requirements to the weather or the outside temperature?

Yes, thermographic recording only makes sence, if the right conditions are provided. The outdoor temperature should be between 5°-6°C at the most, so that a temperature difference of minimum 10° to 15°C between inside and outside is achieved. At bright sunshine it makes no sense to prepare  thermographic images, because the sun radiation would warm up the outer wall additionally and distort the results. Heavy precipitation and wind are also not appropriate for thermographic imaging. The best conditions prevail at low outside temperatures, overcast sky and preferably in the early morning or late evening hours.

For what reason do I need thermographic images of my building?

Thermographic images of your building can help in different situations. Prior to restructuring measures you get an overview about possible heat leaks and can repair your building projected. At a new building or after completed restructuring measures you get the possibility to evaluate the services with the thermographic images and to demand possible rectifications.

In the market there are a lot of supplier of building thermography, but how to recognize professional offers?

There are a lot of suppliers that offer thermography for bargain prices. Caution is recommended here, because often you only get some colourful pictures in bad quality and without further evaluation. The secret of thermography is not only the creation of the images but rather the evaluation of the thermographic images. Reliable suppliers offer you besides the images also a report with the depiction and an evaluation of the weak areas. A reliable supplier is taking time for your questions and requires detailed information about the building.

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