Gas System Inspection

Find gas system leaks! Fast – Save – Efficient

SYSWE checked your gas-carrying components for gas leaks – an investment in safety and availability.

We perform with our gas camera an optical leak detection onsite. With this method even small amounts of out-flowing/leaking gas can be detected. This procedure is not only more accurate than conventional gas detector, but also much faster. The complete system check, which can take several days with conventional gas detectors, is carried out by us with the gas camera in just a few hours and during operation.

We inspect all gas-conducting systems and, on request, the electrical components of your gas system. After the examination, you will receive an inspection report including images in which the leaks are marked. In addition, we supply you with the resulting video files on a disk.

For you as a plant operator, regular checks on gas leaks by our company bring significant benefits:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the gas system by detecting losses within the system
  • Increasing the plant reliability and avoidance of labor-intensive and cost-intensive plant failures
  • Reduction of fire hazards and explosion hazards by locating leaks of your gas carrying components
  • More safety for people and the environment by preventing gas emissions
  • Leakage detection in real time

The applications for the localization of out-flowing gases are extensive – here is a small selection in which we can assist you with our optical gas detection systems:

Gas transport

Use the gas camera to check your gas-bearing systems for leaks. Further information on the gas camera systems can be found here.


With the CO2 camera your furnaces can be checked for leaking furnace gases. More information can be found here.

Gas storage

Gas storage facilities are also part of the gas infrastructure and can be inspected for leaks with the help of the gas camera.

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