Inspection of your biogas plant for gas leakages! Fast – Safe – Efficient

A gas leakage at your biogas plant not only generates an increased substrate supply, but also a high risk for human and environment because the biogas is unregulated emitted. The profitability and the plant safety are decreased by undetected gas leakages.

In the course of the german renewable energies act (EEG) biogas plants have to be constructed proper and professional. Even so leakages can occur because of age-related abrasion.

With our modern gas camera systems we detect even small leakages and help you to operate the biogas plant more efficient and safe.

Safety-related checks for biogas plants – the plus of service

safety checks on biogas plants
safety checks on biogas plants

Since 2012 SYSWE offers you, besides the inspection for gas leakages, also all important safety-related checks for your biogas plant. Our certified experts offer checks after §29a BImSchG as well as §§14, 15 BetrSichV and after water legislation. Of course we also offer the preparation of the explosion protection document as well as a breakdown concept for biogas plants. These documents are generated after the specifications and guidelines of the responsible licensing authority.

FLIR Gas Cam on a biogas plant to prevent gas leakage

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