Gas System Inspection

The visualization of gas leaks by means of optical gas detection

Optical gas detection or leakage detection is the visualization of leaking gas with the help of special camera systems. Therefore a quick and reliable identification of leaks in gas-conducting elements, such as gas lines, gas fittings and gas systems is possible. For hard-to-reach and complex areas, optical gas detection offers an alternative to conventional gas detection devices.

Overview of the gas detecting camera systems

SYSWE has two camera systems for the detection of different gases. We are able to make Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as well as hydrocarbon compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) visible.


The FLIR GF 343 camera is used to detect carbon dioxide, which is found in many industrial processes. Even gases in which carbon dioxide is only partially contained, can be detected with the CO2-camera. For example, it is possible to detect furnace gases with a CO2 content of approximately 20-25%.

Detection of furnace gas with CO2 sensitive camera at furnaces

Presentation of CO2 emissions with CO2 sensitive camera on motor vehicle

Presentation of CO2 emissions depending on radiation backgrounds

Presentation of CO2 emissions with CO2 sensitive camera at a gas and steam power plant

The FLIR GF 320 system is capable of visualizing hydrocarbon compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from natural gas production and natural gas use. Listed below are the detectable gases:

  • benzene
  • ethanol
  • ethylbenzol
  • heptane
  • hexane
  • isoprene
  • methanol
  • methyl ethyl ketone
  • methylisobutylketone
  • octane
  • pentane
  • 1-penten
  • toluene
  • xylene
  • butane
  • ethane
  • methane
  • propane
  • ethylene
  • propylene

FLIR Gas Cam on a biogas plant to prevent gas leakage

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