Inspection by drone

Flying easily through the inspection

Which lead time is needed for a drone operation?

For a drone operation rarely no lead time is necessary. We check for outdoor missions if permission for the flight is required. At indoor missions this is not necessary.

When are the results of the inspection available?

You can get the raw material directly after the flight.

Are the drones qualified for a flight in ATEX environment?

No, till now there a no drones available for ATEX environment.

Which tanks can be inspected with the drone?

All tanks which have an aperture of minimum 400 mm can be inspected by drone.

Which environmental conditions are necessary for a drone flight indoors?

The Elios for indoor operations is splash water protected and dustproof. It flies at temperatures between 0° and 50°C. Darkness is no problem, because of the powerful LEDs. Our Mavic Pro is qualified for temperatures between 0° and 40°C and also for wind speeds up to 38 km/h.

Which environmental conditions are necessary for a drone flight outdoors?

Our drones for outdoor areas are very robust. They can fly steady also at higher windspeeds (Matrice 210 RTK up to 35 km/h; Matrice 600 up to 28 km/h; Mavic Pro up to 38 km/h). Temperatures of -10° up to 40°C are no problem for the Matrice 600; the Matrice 210 RTK has a temperature range of -20° to 45°C and the Mavic Pro from 0° to 40°C. The Matrice 210 RTK is additionally splash water protected and dustproof, it can fly also at light precipitation.

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