Inspection by drone

Flying easily through the inspection

SYSWE offers a professional inspection of your technical equipment or buildings by drone, in- and outdoors. Our drones are provided with high-quality camera systems for high-resolution records and also thermal images. The inspection by drone offers unknown opportunities, because it is possible to reach also inaccessible locations.

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Drone Matrice 600
Drone Matrice 600

What are the advantages of an inspection by drone?

The application of a drone provides many advantages in opposite to conventional possibilities of inspection:

  • Preparation of plant maintenance planning with the results of drone-inspection, unnecessary plant shutdowns can be avoided
  • Low lead time (e.g. no staging necessary)
  • Overall images/ records are possible, not only selective inspections
  • Also inaccessible locations (like great heights) can be inspected easily

  • Cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to conventional methods
  • Increased safety, because no persons are endangered
  • Multiple operations at the same position possible, because of GPS systems (e.g. before-and-after comparisons)

You are interested in an inspection by drone? Contact us!

Our drone portfolio for your application

Elios by Fliability

The Elios by Fliability is the first collision-tolerant drone that enables flights in inaccessible locations. The drone is protected by a protective frame that allows the Elios to remain stable in the event of a collision. With the Elios we get the possibility to fly indoors, also in complex and confined spaces.

Another advantage is the integrated lighting with high performance LEDs, for flights in a dark environment.

The drone contains an integrated camera system with the possibility of simultaneously full HD and thermal imagery recording.

Indoor missions are no longer a problem, but also outdoor missions are possible with the Elios under certain conditions, e.g. it has to be absolutely calm.

Drone Elios by Fliability
Drone Elios by Fliability

Matrice 600 by DJI

The Matrice 600 by DJI is the strongest drone in our inventory. It can carry up to six kilogram load and is compatible with different camera systems. One special feature is that the drone can be linked to our gas camera (for further information click here).

The high-performance batteries enable a flight time up to 35 minutes, depending on the load.

Because of the integrated GPS-system the drone flies extremely stable and it is possible to set the flight path in advance on the map. Precise recording can be realized.

Drone Matrice 600 by DJI
Drone Matrice 600 by DJI

Matrice 210 RTK by DJI

With the new Matrice 210 RTK by DJI we have an extremely robust drone in our inventory. It flies at various environmental conditions, also at a wind speed up to 35 km/h.

A new battery system allows operations also under the freezing point and due to the closed design flights are also possible at slightly precipitations.

The next feature is the camera with 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom. It gives us the possibility to take detailed records also from high distances. Additionally the drone is provided with a thermographic camera.

Diverse intelligent flight modes as well as a flight time up to 38 minutes allow us to concentrate on collecting usable data for your inspection.

Drone Matrice 210 RTK by DJI
Drone Matrice 210 RTK by DJI

Mavic Pro by DJI

The Mavic Pro by DJI is our all-round talent and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor missions.

It is possible to equip the Mavic Pro with a protective frame that makes it collision-tolerant. Indoor flights are feasible and because of the 12-megapixel-camera also records from a safe distance to the object.

The Mavic Pro can withstand wind speeds from 29 to 38 km/h and temperatures from to 40°C, so also outdoor missions are no problem.

With a maximum flight time of up to 21 minutes we can take detailed records for you.

Drone Mavic Pro by DJI
Drone Mavic Pro by DJI

SYSWE has the ability to support you in inspections inside of buildings or at technical objects. With our Elios drone flights at inaccessible locations get possible. Also the Mavic Pro from our inventory is suited for indoor flights and clear records also from a safe distance to the object.

Because of the high-resolution camera systems and the additional thermographic camera of the Elios we can execute inspections more cost-efficient and uncomplicated for you.

The application possibilities for an indoor inspection by drone are diverse – here a small selection, where we can support you with our drones:

Tanks and silos

We inspect your tank or silo from inside. You get an overview about the condition and no persons have to get into the tank.

Pipe systems

Find out more about the condition of your pipe systems. We can inspect for example welding seams, also in great heights or at inaccessible locations.


Also chimneys can be inspected from inside with the Elios. Complex inspections by crane are no longer necessary.

Steel beams

Inspect your steel beams at close range but still from the ground. This is possible with inspection by drone. Potential defects of the material can be discovered.

Outdoors there are many application possibilities for the drone. In great heights the inspection of a building or a technical object is a challenge. SYSWE manages this challenge with you!

If you are looking for a method to inspect your buildings or technical equipment, you should contact us!

In the following you find an overview about the diverse field of application of our outdoor drones:


We inspect your roof or technical objects on the roof. Due to our robust drones, inspections at slight wind or precipitation are no longer a problem.


We check also bridges on possible damages. An inspection from the air saves the staging or the industrial climber.

Photovoltaic systems

Thermographic images from the air show you the condition of your photovoltaic system without great effort. Hotspots or defect modules going to be visible.

Wind turbines

An inspection of your wind turbine by drone offers you high-resolution records, to observe possible defects and that from a safe distance to the wind turbine.

Which lead time is needed for a drone operation?

For a drone operation rarely no lead time is necessary. We check for outdoor missions if permission for the flight is required. At indoor missions this is not necessary.

When are the results of the inspection available?

You can get the raw material directly after the flight.

Are the drones qualified for a flight in ATEX environment?

No, till now there a no drones available for ATEX environment.

Which tanks can be inspected with the drone?

All tanks which have an aperture of minimum 400 mm can be inspected by drone.

Which environmental conditions are necessary for a drone flight indoors?

The Elios for indoor operations is splash water protected and dustproof. It flies at temperatures between 0° and 50°C. Darkness is no problem, because of the powerful LEDs. Our Mavic Pro is qualified for temperatures between 0° and 40°C and also for wind speeds up to 38 km/h.

Which environmental conditions are necessary for a drone flight outdoors?

Our drones for outdoor areas are very robust. They can fly steady also at higher windspeeds (Matrice 210 RTK up to 35 km/h; Matrice 600 up to 28 km/h; Mavic Pro up to 38 km/h). Temperatures of -10° up to 40°C are no problem for the Matrice 600; the Matrice 210 RTK has a temperature range of -20° to 45°C and the Mavic Pro from 0° to 40°C. The Matrice 210 RTK is additionally splash water protected and dustproof, it can fly also at light precipitation.

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